Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you have?

Nicole currently holds the following qualifications: - Accredited health professional (Nurse) and Counsellor. - Post graduate nursing qualifications in Child and Family Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Immunisation and Emergency (Trauma) Care. - Diploma in counselling with additional units focusing on the child, family and relationships. - Registered with the Australian Counselling Association. - Certified with the Equine Psychotherapy Institute to offer Equine Assisted Therapy and this is my counselling speciality and focus.
- Licenced Heal Your Life ® workshop facilitator affiliated with the international Heal Your Life ® organisation founded and based on the philosophy of Louise L Hay herself who created Hay House.
- Additional certificates from recognised trainers/institutions in Colour Therapy, Reiki, Equine
Touch, VHT-vibromuscular Harmonisation technique (human massage), AuraSoma, and advanced Tantra practitioner. These modalities are all covered with IICT and AON insurance.

Do I have to know how to handle horses to participate?

There are no prerequisites of riding or horsemanship skills required. Most interactions occur on the ground, this is not about horse riding. Think counselling in a paddock supported by horses.

What if I’m scared of / allergic to horses?

I offer workshops and seminars where the horses aren’t physically present, yet we still follow
the philosophy of the way of the horse.

Individual counselling sessions can be tailored to each person, offering observations and limited contact according to your tolerance levels. This would involve focusing on other techniques, supports & different styles of counselling.
A little side note, horses may represent “fear” that is actually related to other fears. In this instance interacting with horses may actually assist the counselling process.

How does Heal Your Life ® Your Life ReImagined/Achieve Your Dreams workshop fit with this?

Most often the undercurrent for personal issues lies in loss of connection, feelings of unworthiness, not having any control in our lives, feeling disempowered and failure in expectations of ourselves or others.
These affirming and empowering workshops offer all the benefits and development of new ways of thinking. Through utilising the concepts of positive reinforcement redirecting and reframing negative thought processes to build a more resilient and fulfilling way of life. Influenced and guided always by the philosophy from Louise Hay herself, the power of the horse herd, and heart resonance theory.

What do I wear to a session?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can bend and stretch in. Choose something that is ok to get dirty, and closed in shoes – to protect your feet.