About Me

Horses Healing Humans is a small self-owned business working to inspire others through the power of equine therapy. 

The founder and head practitioner, Nikki Johnston, delivers quality counselling & bodywork services to heal others - body, mind & soul.

Her holistic approach and motherly nature brings comfort to those in need of self-help and guidance.


Looking back at the there and then, to being in the here and now. "

The founder of the company and head practitioner.


Nicole, known as Nikki, is a multi qualified health professional and counselor offering a holistic approach to increase the well-being of others.


Nikki focuses on the healing arts of self transformation through discovery, integrating and blending theoretically grounded practices with a metaphysical twist to suit each individual. 

She believes in a meeting of Eastern and Western philosophy, where science and metaphysics support each other.

Nikki is based in Harvey, a small town located in the South West of Western Australia. She loves to travel to facilitate workshops and seminars. 

Sometimes the horses are physically present with her, other times they aren’t. Nikki believes we are always a part of the herd, and guides us to follow the healing way of the horse.

Everything in her life has been intrinsically entwined with horses, from her own healing to the healing she now offers others. As well as being certified in Equine Assisted Therapy, Nikki also works with the healing philosophies of Louise L Hay, Shakti Gawain and many others. She offers a unique combination of ideals and practices that center around healing others with the way of the horse.

This is why Nikki chose the business name to include Horses, Healing & Humans. As the three collaborate to join together to offer a path towards our own healing journey. So we can grow in awareness and connection to ourselves and others. Enhancing our overall life satisfaction and self fulfillment.